About us

”The Nordic countries share a history of more than a thousand years in cooperation, family ties, trade and culture. Cross-border cooperation in the Nordic countries is as important as economic growth and prosperity in countries and regions. Mutual trade relations, exchanges of experience and new contacts will contribute to strengthening Nordic cohesion. Together the Nordic countries, one of the world’s strongest economies, can jointly act as an active player in the global marketplace.” 

-Mathias Lindström, Kvarken Council

Who we are

We have seen an increasing demand for cooperation between the Nordic countries. NordicHub was launched to strengthen cross-border collaboration between the Nordics.

NordicHub is a national competence hub coordinated by Viexpo, which focuses on Nordic business operations and internationalization. NordicHub operates in a network-based cooperation and utilizes the strongest know-how of each cluster in every region. NordicHub builds network-based operations in Finland in order to increase the level of international cooperation to the Nordics markets. In addition, to the national competence hub, NordicHub creates and forms a Nordic business service network and continues to build thorough Nordic export solutions to the rest of the world.

NORDIC = Quality, Trust & Shorter negotiations

Especially from the Ostrobothnia region and the coastline, we have a natural link from the Nordics to the world.

A broad understanding of the different industries and their unique needs is one of our strengths.

The Nordic cooperation is built around similar culture, education, environment, citizen’s rights, economy and industry structure and information technology.

The historical ties between our countries are well known. As a result, strong social capital and trust in others are strongly present in the Nordic countries.

Behind NordicHub is the ecosystem thinking ​


We have great connections between the Nordic countries and can choose to travel by plane, road and sea. We need to continue improving our infrastructure in order for people and goods to travel, maintaining a competitive edge for businesses and clusters.

Capable work force

All over the Nordic countries are we seeing challenges with obtaining workforce to satisfy the demand of the market. By together creating a platform that relies heavily on and international society with great values, we can make the Nordic region a wanted place to live and work, attracting the talents of the world.

Business service network

The NordicHub network consists of regional, national and international organizations that will assist with trade, development projects, innovations and research as well as investments and funding.

industry structure

In the Nordic countries we have many diverse and strong industries. A broad understanding of the different industries and their unique needs is one of the strengths of our region. This diversity makes for an attractive region that nurtures development and sustainable growth.